July 19, 2009

Recovering Deleted Files and Folders with Ease

AQUATRA announces the release of Data Cure, a Windows tool for home and small office users to recover deleted files and folders. The new data recovery tool makes it easy for anyone to recover lost and deleted files from healthy, damaged, or inaccessible disks. Combining affordable pricing, sophisticated recovery technologies and innovative, easy to use interface makes Data Cure perfect for home and office use.

About Data Cure

Designed with an average user in mind, Data Cure introduces innovative, wizard-based user interface allowing users to recover deleted files and folders by simply clicking the Next button. Sophisticated data recovery technologies detect all necessary parameters automatically, never asking the user about technical things that are better left to a specialist. Data Cure only asks where the lost or deleted files were and where to place their recovered copies. Everything else, including the file system, partition type, sector size, and other technological matters are decided precisely and automatically without any user interaction.

Data Cure supports all types of storage media including hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, flash drives, and SSD media. It can recover files and folders if any size and complexity, including compressed and encrypted data, hidden and system files, as well as information locked out by incorrectly set Windows access rights.

Supporting all types and revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems, Data Cure can recover files and folders from media formatted with any type of file system, no matter what version of Windows the user runs. This file recovery software supports Windows 95 through Windows Vista and 2008 Server.

Advanced data recovery algorithms have been integrated with multiple convenience features. Scanning the entire disk surface in order to locate the beginning and end of each supported file, Data Cure can preview deleted documents, pictures, archives, and multimedia files before recovering them. The preview is available in the evaluation version as well as the full one.

It is recommended that the user stores files being recovered onto a different hard drive or storage device. To facilitate the requirement, Data Cure can recover files and store them to another hard disk, burn on a CD, DVD, or BluRay, or upload to an FTP server or network disk.


Founded in 2006, AQUATRA offers home and small office customers a variety of data recovery solutions. Products by AQUATRA range from affordable tools to help users recover lost and deleted files to fully featured solutions aimed to repair damaged and inaccessible hard drives complete with original information and system structures.

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July 13, 2009

Data Cure 1.0

First public version of Data Cure software to recover file data has been released.

Software can recover all types of files and folders no matter where they were stored or how exactly they were destroyed. Lost, deleted and damaged files and folders can be recovered from hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards. Data Cure program supports the recovery of encrypted, compressed, and hidden files, and can recover inaccessible files protected with Windows access rights. All types of file names are supported, including long and localized names. Folders with multiple sub-folders can be recovered as easily as a single file.

More information at official web site: DATA-CURE.COM